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Cowboying in the Old West..

When i was a kid i dreamt of being a cowboy\….. All my hero were ,Roy Rogers,the Lone Ranger,Annie Oakley,Wild Bill Hickok,Sky King . Every Saturday morning i would tie a handkerchief around my neck,strap on my holsters with two six shooters filled with red caps and i would don my cowboy hat that usually […]

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You Can’t Fool A Montrealer

I am at the Museum of Jewish Montreal which is directly across the street from my old commune from 1970 where i was the editor of the underground paper Logos. They serve gefilte fish tacos (I kid you not) here and i just told them a story because i see they are selling Montreal steak […]

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It’s Time We Stopped Messing with that Kid ! “

4 years ago i left Sebastopol ready for adventure.The divorce was very raw then and i felt battered and heart broken but i was determined that this was not the way it was to end and that the world held magic and promise. I left town with no plan but with a trust in the […]

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley :Where the West was Filmed @by Jonathon Lipsin.. on the 5,000 mile journey across America and back i am embarking on in two weeks one of the places i look forward to rambling through with love and eagerness is Monument Valley. In fact right now i am watching Rio Grande with John Wayne […]

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Eating On The Road

Along the way through the Southwest and Texas and Mississippi and New Orleans i am going to do a food blog and seeing where that goes. At the same time i will eat as healthy and clean as possible which is a challenge for sure on the road ….and then there are those damn Navajo […]

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My Very Special Spiritual Place

My Very Special Spiritual Place In Sedona,Arizona i have a special place that most people don’t know. There are no signs leading to it instead you have to know it and follow your nose. It is high up on a plateau overlooking the whole valley of Sedona with 360 degree views. Legend has it that […]

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This is one of the places that calls to me constantly ,the others being Israel and Spain and California of course and the Mississippi Blues Delta. I love the Southwest of Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Utah and Colorado and i have rambled over the deserts and through ghost towns and Route 66 […]

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@Jonathon Lipsin.. A few years ago i was cowboying in Arizona in Canyon de Chelly which is the oldest continuously inhabited place in North America for some 5,000 years being guided by a Navajo who was born in the Canyon and we rode hard some 30 miles that day descending a thousand ft on the […]

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