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I grew up in Montreal Canada in a mostly Jewish hood.I went to a parochial Jewish school from kindergarten to 3’rd grade and on the walls of the school were the portraits of Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism, and Queen Elizabeth in that order. The flag was the Union Jack and also the flag […]

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SHABBAT SHALOM Chaverim Just after the Barcelona Terror Attack

I feel it is appropriate after the terorist attack yesterday in Barcelona to highlight Barcelona. I am safe obviously because i am on the island. Thank God i was not in Barcelona at this time as i usually am. I know Barcelona pretty well and i love the city. That terrorist van stopped right outside […]

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for me has always been about an acknowledgement of the Holocaust ,the Shoah.This story has always stirred me that in the face of destruction the Jews ,my people kept the Passover as the flames of hell burnt around them.Since i was young i have made it my mission to hear this story again and again […]

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