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Two Friends

Have to post this picture from Teresa’s wall.Here are two friends back in California .Wavy Gravy the iconic figure from the 60’s who was the mc at Woodstock,one time Lenny Bruce manager and a Ben and Jerry flavor among other things, oh and also once performed at the store to kick off his 65th birthday […]

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Some Famous People I Have Hung Out With

Fame is a funny thing.I never want to be famous .I have known many ,being in the music business all my life .Dylan,Leonard Cohen,Allen Ginsburg,Tuli Kupferberg the beat poet,A.J.Weberman,Abbie Hoffman,Jerry Rubin,Jerry Garcia,Mickey Hart,Les Claypool of Primus who is sitting in the corner of this cafe right now,Pete Seeger and so many others.What it comes down […]

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