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Love just is

I don’t believe in short vacations. I never did . I believe in vacations extending for months at a time where each day is magic and full of exploration . .I believe in waking up alone in a strange hotel in a strange city and letting the day unfold as it may giving in to […]

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If I Were

…….@jonathon Lipsin. If i were to get married again i would  take my love to Paris and reserve a room with flowers and with big windows opening up on the market down below and around the corner from a perfect cafe with snobby waiters and a basket of crusty croissants and boules of perfect cafe […]

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The Beloved is not chosen.

“The Beloved is not chosen. It is just recognized. It is not that you should go looking for the perfect life partner. I think that comes from another place. When you don’t pursue these things – you find the life which is yours and in some beautiful way you may meet someone in whose presence you […]

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Good Morning

Good Morning everyone and good evening to my friends on the other side of the world. The grapes yield to us the sweetness of life for the most part.Some will be sour but that cannot stop us nevertheless from reaching for the sweet ones. That is within our power and scope always find a […]

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Gifts From the Heart

I give gifts to people as guided by my heart .I love to give and it has absolutely nothing to do with the season which i don’t celebrate anyways. When you give from your heart something happens within you.A magical blush arises from deep within and to me this is the most wonderful gift you […]

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