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Childhood Montreal memories..

This was my gang in the old days .We called ourselves the Jets after the West Side Story movie ..I was always called Johnny then. the last picture is me in Kindergarten or first grade at Jewish People’s School a Zionist Yiddish and Hebrew and socialist school. I was already planning a breakout. I felt […]

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A Story about my Father and I … ROAD TRIP On Yom Kippur

Rambling around Gold Rush Country in California and Nevada Dad and I have travelled all over from Cannes France and the French Riviera to London and Paris and New York City to Florida and Miami Beach to Kansas City and California ..This is a story of a particular road trip i gave to Aaron as […]

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SOME OF MY FAVORITE BREAKFASTS AROUND THE WORLD California,New Orleans,Santa Fe,Montreal,Paris,Israel,Barcelona,Spain,Austin Texas,Switzerland.Hatch,New Mexico

Eating my way around the world one country at a time.. I have adventured around the world and one does not do it on an empty stomach although in my distant hippie past there were those times. One of the reasons i travel is food. I celebrate food and love to discover something i never […]

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Leonard Cohen and Me.

. This is not meant to aggrandize my relationship with Leonard. We knew each other but not well. We never hung out together except that once… I lived just down the street from him on St Dominique and we would see each other in passing both of us bundled up against the frost and cold.I […]

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You Can’t Fool A Montrealer

I am at the Museum of Jewish Montreal which is directly across the street from my old commune from 1970 where i was the editor of the underground paper Logos. They serve gefilte fish tacos (I kid you not) here and i just told them a story because i see they are selling Montreal steak […]

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Montreal Walkabout  Patati Patata #walkaboutmontreal 4177 St. Laurent The place is tiny.You have to go outside to change your mind…. Perhaps the greatest of greasy spoons, Patati Patata is delicious and oh-so-reasonably priced. Yes, their burgers are small, but they only cost around $3 depending on the type, so you could order three and still not break a ten. […]

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