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Float and Adjust

Agenda for this morning ? swimming of course a metaphor for my life as needed when i am in the sea everything is clear Aqui y ahora Here and Now everything comes and goes people,emotions,thoughts,situations, nothing is permanent catch and release catch and release breathe into the asanas of life be kind do what fills […]

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Leonard Cohen and Me.

. This is not meant to aggrandize my relationship with Leonard. We knew each other but not well. We never hung out together except that once… I lived just down the street from him on St Dominique and we would see each other in passing both of us bundled up against the frost and cold.I […]

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From the Huckleberry Years 1975 For my 22’nd birthday

i slept outside on Mt Tamalpais in Marin County overlooking Stinson Beach in California . 2 months after this poem was written i hitchhiked out of town all the way to the Canadian border that being the last time i ever hitchhiked again and at the border i cut my hair for the first time […]

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Hello Ma.

I canoed with broad strokes on the Riviere de Prairie from the small town called St Genevieve that goes back to the 1800’s on the West Island of Montreal where my brother lives. His house fronts the river and it is an easy task to push his canoe into the calm water . The trees […]

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GOODBYE MOM JONATHON LIPSIN·MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 This is what i read at my mother’s funeral yesterday. i love you Ma Forever and ever. I have been lucky in life because you see my parents have been my best friends ,much more than most people i know.I shared most everything with them,the ups and the […]

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