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Jesse Winchester in Hospice

http:// NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!Jesse Winchester i just found out is in hospice .I guess i have known Jesse since i was 15 in Montreal. He had just come up to Canada to evade the draft .All my friends were draft dodgers and deserters.I can’t tell you how many times i would trundle down to the old […]

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These are contact sheets i inherited from the son of the Beatles first photographer,Dezo Hoffman ,an acclaimed Czech Jewish World War 2 photographer who was at the liberation of the camps and also shot in the Spanish Civil War.I have been privileged to have seen his work of photographs as shown to me by his […]

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Grace Slick

http:// have met Grace Slick twice in my life.The first time i was living in New York and part of the Yippies with people like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and A.J.Weberman and Tom Forcade and others (talk about namedropping but all stories are true) and at 17 ,i felt burned out with the movement […]

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Some Famous People I Have Hung Out With

Fame is a funny thing.I never want to be famous .I have known many ,being in the music business all my life .Dylan,Leonard Cohen,Allen Ginsburg,Tuli Kupferberg the beat poet,A.J.Weberman,Abbie Hoffman,Jerry Rubin,Jerry Garcia,Mickey Hart,Les Claypool of Primus who is sitting in the corner of this cafe right now,Pete Seeger and so many others.What it comes down […]

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