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Tales of New York.The Village is Dead

The heart of the West Village Bleeker & MacDougal. So this is what has been bothering me.The Village both East and West are dead as i knew it.The poets and writers,junkies and freaks have all fled to Brooklyn .A antiseptic culture has taken over and while it is cool and all that i miss the […]

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Lower East Side where your grandfather sold my grandfather pickles.Here is Yona Schimmels for knishes and Russ and Daughters for smoked fish and appetizers and of course the venerable Katz’s since 1888.Put that in your kishke and smoke it !!!!!!!! There’s an unwritten rule that when you eat deli you have to have a black […]

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TALES FROM NYC : The Lower East Side

The Lower East Side from my grandfather’s time and today .It is a far cry from the old days as gentrification has taken over.Even in the 70’s and 80’s you could get a sense of the Jewishness of the area and wax poetic .All that is left are the places i just visited,Russ and Daughters,Yona […]

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TALES FROM NEW YORK Grand Central Station

When one steps into Grand Central Station there is a sense of glory and yes i hear Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue distinctly in my ears as my eyes take in the steady stream of celestial light through the windows filling the cavernous station like a cathedral.The energy since 1913 of comings and goings ,farewells and […]

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