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Some of my favorite meals on the road.

The best Thai i ever had was at the Thai Vegan restaurants in Albuquerque New Mexico. The pad thai was off the charts and everything was about 10 bucks. Next was shrimp Po Boys in New Orleans loaded with local shrimp and remoulade sauce and the perfect Po Boy loaves. Finally it’s BBQ at Abes […]

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley :Where the West was Filmed @by Jonathon Lipsin.. on the 5,000 mile journey across America and back i am embarking on in two weeks one of the places i look forward to rambling through with love and eagerness is Monument Valley. In fact right now i am watching Rio Grande with John Wayne […]

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Eating On The Road

Along the way through the Southwest and Texas and Mississippi and New Orleans i am going to do a food blog and seeing where that goes. At the same time i will eat as healthy and clean as possible which is a challenge for sure on the road ….and then there are those damn Navajo […]

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