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If I Were

…….@jonathon Lipsin. If i were to get married again i would  take my love to Paris and reserve a room with flowers and with big windows opening up on the market down below and around the corner from a perfect cafe with snobby waiters and a basket of crusty croissants and boules of perfect cafe […]

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I love Paris in winter

when the snow is falling as i stand on the Pont Nuef bridge overlooking the Seine in front of Notre Dame . I was staying ,at the advice of an old artist friend, in a hotel that was once a 17th century brothel and Notre Dame was right across from me when i opened the […]

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My Hotel in Paris

This is my hotel when i stay in Paris. I stay on the third floor and when i open the shutters i see Notre Dame in front of me.I was set up here by an old customer of mine who is an artist from San Francisco who has lived in Paris in Montmarte for many […]

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” We will always have Paris” It was the cheapest hotel ever in Paris on the Left Bank and i would stay there whenever i was in town. This was many years ago in the late 70’s . Sure you had to walk up a few flights and the room was bare essentials,a single bed […]

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Tres Triste

Yesterday in a chat with a European friend i mentioned that attacks like the one tonight will occur .I am sorry that i was correct. In Israel where many of my friends and family are there have been 3,4 attacks a day for the last month and a half ,mostly unreported by world media who […]

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Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

This is Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris ,a bookstore that had it’s roots in the 20’s and 30’s and 40’s when run by Sylvia Beach and was the second home for such as Hemmingway and Joyce and all the other writers in Paris .I had the fortune of being befriended by that rascal George […]

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