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Muse of the Morning  Choose what feeds your soul.

Some of you are depressed by the state of the world right now. I only feel depressed if I read my FB newsfeed; thus I don’t do it much.. I am too busy living my life . I love fb because i like to write and share .I don’t care about likes or even comments […]

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Sometimes I Wish Life Could Be Like Facebook

Sometimes i wish life could be like fb where we can delete things conveniently ,things that should have never been said or done,things we feel sorry about ,missteps that we wish would have never happened so we don’t feel the self reproach. I wish we could take back certain things and wake up in the […]

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Things I Think About

Things I Think About Researchers have recognized a new developmental stage appearing after 60 that is as distinct from active adulthood as adolescence is from childhood. It is distinguished by the recognition of the potential for lifelong learning and growth, as well as the possibility of inner transformation, even as the body ages. It is […]

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