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Pirate Treasure

My Ambitions Are Modest I would fulfill one of my greatest fantasies if i could discover buried treasure on the island i live on in Spain. This particular island was abandoned for over a century to pirates that came from the Barbary Coast 500 km due South. This is a pirate cave i am exploring […]

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WHAT I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT THE JEWS OF IBIZA AND FORMENTERA IN SPAIN @ Jonathon Lipsin I not only enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera .In between bites of paella and yoga on the beach and dancing in a flamenco bar and swimming in the sea i sleuth out my passion […]

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PIRATE WEATHER by JONATHON DARYL LIPSIN.. I tumble out of bed and unlock the door and sniff the air. This is pirate weather with a hint of a storm i think to myself delighted at my awareness as i feel another poem taking shape like so many sails unfurling in the wind off the Barbary […]

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The Pirates Cave

Down into the pirates cave !!!!!!!!! Just came out of a cave at the southern most tip of the island where it is pretty barren and desolate .This point looks toward the Berber lands and is the infamous Barbary Coast that was infested with pirates flying the skull and bones.This area is called Cap Barbary […]

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Pirates and things…..

A beautiful night !I just got back from the edge of the world by the cliffs where i saw a lookout tower from the 18th c.that served as a pirate warning lookout.Being who i am i looked everywhere along the cliffs and rocks and stones for any hint of pirate booty.Nary a doubloon did i […]

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