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I just spent two hours prowling the alleys and back streets of the Old City of Ibiza in search of a secret synagogue hidden in a convent on a street once called Street of the Jews. I did find the convent but could not get into the basement despite my flirtations with the nuns. I […]

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My Love For Pirates

One thing my father and i share ,among many things is a passion for pirate movies especially ones with Errol Flynn and this goes back to when i was a kid and Dad would exclaim excitedly “The Sea Hawk or Captain Blood is on” and it would be a Sunday usually and Dad would run […]

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Pirate Cave

Here i am climbing into a fabled pirate cave that dates back to Neolithic times dated by the identifying stones scattered around .This is on the island of Formentera in Spain where i have lived the past 5 years …I am looking for treasure .Whether i found it or not is a hotly contested issue […]

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Pirate Treasure

My Ambitions Are Modest I would fulfill one of my greatest fantasies if i could discover buried treasure on the island i live on in Spain. This particular island was abandoned for over a century to pirates that came from the Barbary Coast 500 km due South. This is a pirate cave i am exploring […]

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WHAT I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT THE JEWS OF IBIZA AND FORMENTERA IN SPAIN @ Jonathon Lipsin I not only enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera .In between bites of paella and yoga on the beach and dancing in a flamenco bar and swimming in the sea i sleuth out my passion […]

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