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A Leonard Cohen Story Sort Of

An interesting story .My father’s first cousin Sid Cohen was the manager of Leonard Cohen’s father,Lyon’s clothing manufacturing business Freedman’s Clothing .  Leonard worked there briefly in the 50’s .  This is where we trooped down to get our clothes for weddings and bar mitzvahs and the like. When i started in the record business […]

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@ Jonathon Lipsin All my life i have used cafes as my haunts . This is where i have plotted adventures,wrote incessantly ,met muses while i scribbled poetry thoughtfully,encountered bodisattvas in the guise of world travelers and sages and used as my office long before the computer era. I come by it honestly. My grandfather Alter,that […]

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Hello Ma.

I canoed with broad strokes on the Riviere de Prairie from the small town called St Genevieve that goes back to the 1800’s on the West Island of Montreal where my brother lives. His house fronts the river and it is an easy task to push his canoe into the calm water . The trees […]

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Lion I have crawled on your back since i was three every year i come here and it finds me following this ritual. Once as a three year old i looked out from behind your mane fearlessly from this perch onto a world i was eager to explore. What dreams i dreamt as i gazed […]

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A Montreal Poem

by Jonathon D Lipsin.. I know this air the air of the north, Canadian  air that has been fed into my milk at birth and these trees , i recognize them too that hard bark just waiting for winter winds to blow. I know this grass and these hills like the grass and hills of […]

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