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Adventures in Israel

some adventures in Israel with my friend Rik Palieri who is a traveling banjo and bagpipe player out of Vermont.He has worked with Pete Seeger and Utah Phillips for years in folk music circles.We were at the Jacob’s Ladder folk Festival hanging out together.The picture taken of Rik and I with my back was taken […]

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The Lipsin Gang

Here it is boys and girls,finally a picture of the most feared gang in Cote St Luc in Montreal ! The notorious Lipsin Gang .My brother Big Man Brian is on the left,the three Stevens who all lived next door to each other are on both sides of me .To the right was Morris Grintuch […]

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The Wall

The Wall in Jerusalem .This is my place where i connect to my judaism ,where every stone is a portal to a world of a 4,000 year old story that is part of my unconsciousness.I bring blessings and prayers and pleadings and poetry and memory and all these things in equal measure to the Wall.I […]

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