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“IT AIN’T BRAGGING IF YOU ACTUALLY DID IT !” WALT WHITMAN I just found this picture with some of my gold and platinum records from the music business . I was awarded them all before i was 26 i believe. At that time with nothing except chutzpa i developed the Canadian children’s music industry which […]

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Tales of a Former California Beach Bum

Back when i was 17 i was living in NYC and was a part of the radical counterculture of the day with the Yippies and the White Panthers and living and working in the collective known as Underground Press Syndicate ,a hub for the underground press in America. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin the Yippie […]

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A Summing Up

When i was a kid in High School I would sit and daydream and stare out the window and then one day i wondered what would happen if i just got up and walked out and so i did literally and never came back. I explained to my evaporated parents that i had a yearning […]

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Leonard Cohen and Me.

. This is not meant to aggrandize my relationship with Leonard. We knew each other but not well. We never hung out together except that once… I lived just down the street from him on St Dominique and we would see each other in passing both of us bundled up against the frost and cold.I […]

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Spain when i was 20 in 1973

This is how i looked when i told Franco’s Guardia Civil they were Nazi fucking pigs. wild child,poet,revolutionary,road kid I had lived in communes from Montreal,Vancouver and Vancouver island,New York City,Stinson Beach California been in every state and all through Canada many times .. knew Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and Tuli Kupferberg and Jerry […]

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Joan Baez

I first met Joan Baez at my house when i was 7. My father had introduced her to Canada because he was the Vanguard distributor exclusively and that was her label. I informed her that i didn’t really care for her voice .I was more into Woody Guthrie. She patted me on the head and […]

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