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Two Weeks In my Life

I had just come back from an epic 4 month journey to Spain,Montreal and Israel when the world changed.The worst fire in California history ravaged the county and after a wonderful week of hanging out in San Francisco and Marin County along the coast and the redwoods disaster hit and so with nary a glance […]

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It’s Time We Stopped Messing with that Kid ! “

4 years ago i left Sebastopol ready for adventure.The divorce was very raw then and i felt battered and heart broken but i was determined that this was not the way it was to end and that the world held magic and promise. I left town with no plan but with a trust in the […]

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Mystic Point doing Ceremony in Sedona

up on Mystic Point where i do a ceremony for the past 5 years.This is the most spiritual place i know outside of Jerusalem.Native Americans came here to do vision quests for a thousand years .There is very heavy energy up here .I was first brought up here by a shaman years ago and i […]

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Eating On The Road

Along the way through the Southwest and Texas and Mississippi and New Orleans i am going to do a food blog and seeing where that goes. At the same time i will eat as healthy and clean as possible which is a challenge for sure on the road ….and then there are those damn Navajo […]

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My Journey is towards simplicity and quietness, to a kind of joy that is beyond time, a journey where i leave behind all my models of who i am. i have very good feelings about the new year and all the angst and depression and shock everyone is going through is not affecting me. I […]

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My Very Special Spiritual Place

My Very Special Spiritual Place In Sedona,Arizona i have a special place that most people don’t know. There are no signs leading to it instead you have to know it and follow your nose. It is high up on a plateau overlooking the whole valley of Sedona with 360 degree views. Legend has it that […]

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This is one of the places that calls to me constantly ,the others being Israel and Spain and California of course and the Mississippi Blues Delta. I love the Southwest of Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Utah and Colorado and i have rambled over the deserts and through ghost towns and Route 66 […]

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