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THE LEGEND The Ballad of Formentera Jon sung in the key of D minor

It was 1973 and i was ingloriously thrown in prison in Spain for calling Franco’s Guardia Civil ..let me see how i phrased it. Oh yeah” Fucking Nazi pigs.” There was no Google then and i had no idea Hitler’s buddy was still alive . I thought he had died with Adolf in the bunker […]

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young love

Many years ago when i was 18 i fell in love with Star and she gave me a bears claw which i wore around my neck.I was steeped then as i am now in Native American spirituality .I never knew what happened to that bear claw and always wondered what happened to it …until tonight […]

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Star and I

40 years ago Star and I woke up and we made love in our sleeping bags under this olive tree surrounded by ancient stone walls that are very peculiar to this island ,hundreds of years old.Suddenly a herd of sheep rambled in to our delight.This picture i took of a slightly pissed off and embarrassed […]

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The blues woman of appenzell

the blues woman of appenzell August 4, 2013 at 12:24am It was back in 1973 and my girlfriend Star and i had just crossed the border by foot from France into Spain through Perignon in the Pyrenee Basque country and made our way to Barcelona where we had incurred the wrath of the Spanish military […]

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