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A meal with a friend

A simple yet beautiful snack with a friend who lives in a 200 year old farmhouse in the alps where i am currently living before i go to Spain.We had sheep’s cheese,olives,rice balls,spelt bread,curry tofu,black coffee and champagne.All this and watching the rain fall over the mountains.Check out the old oven in the back.

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Morning in Switzerland

Here in Switzerland i look out the window as i sip my perfect coffee and watch the lazy smoke drift from the chimney of the farmhouse across the street as a boy bicycles by on the road in a desultory Easter monday kind of way and a bird flies on the wing over the verdant […]

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As i write this i am gazing out at the alps and the church bells are ring……The eggs ,and cheese here in Switzerland are the best i have ever had.Both come directly from the farmers .The eggs are large ,larger than i have seen in North America and brilliantly golden yellow.The cheese ,the Appenzeller variety […]

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