Christmas and All That Jazz

The holiday season is upon us.
For 30 years i ran Incredible Records that iconic rock n roll museum and music emporium first in Toronto and then i moved it to California .
For 30 years i would gear up right after Thanksgiving and put in 12 to 14 hours a day right until New Years.
The effect this had on me was hard and exhausting as you can imagine. At the end of it all i was oatmeal … It was all necessary to survive and prosper but i gave up my soul in those days . The point of this ramble is to exult that those days are over and I can relax with no stress .
Stress can kill ya !
I can enjoy these holidays now with peace ..Chanukah and Christmas !
Christmas though for me is usually a Chinese restaurant but i confess i love the music and the spirit and the trees and all that jazz ….
Did you know most of the Christmas songs were written by Jews?

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