Cowboying in the Old West..

When i was a kid i dreamt of being a cowboy\…..
All my hero were ,Roy Rogers,the Lone Ranger,Annie Oakley,Wild Bill Hickok,Sky King .
Every Saturday morning i would tie a handkerchief around my neck,strap on my holsters with two six shooters filled with red caps and i would don my cowboy hat that usually came with a whistle. Every birthday i would get cowboy gear ….
I was all of 5 years old and Saturday mornings were a sacred ritual and when the rest of the household would be sleeping i would turn on the tv with the rabbit ears and watch my favorite shows with my heroes.
Eventually my mother would bring down my breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup and i would eat it like a cowboy would .
.I had it down and i still do. To this day i know most every cowboy song ever sung and ever written.
When i left home at 15 i headed out for the Old West and i have been traipsing and rambling around these parts ever since.
I know ghost towns,i know Indian reservations ,i know real cowboys and i know real Indians.
I have sneaked into the battleground of Custer”s Last Stand and spent the night under a full moon in a ceremonial tipi meditating and suffered the wrath the next morning of the park officials who were none too pleased to say the least that i jumped the fence.
I have invaded Deadwood in South Dakota and paid homage at the grave of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.
I have come to know Tombstone and have spent the night in the Copper Queen one of the most haunted hotels in the Old West ,in Bisbee Arizona.
Once 5 years ago i rode a mustang into Canyon de Chelly for 2 days,just me and an Indian guide who was born in the Canyon and there i felt i earned some my cowboy credentials…
My happiest times are wearing a cowboy hat and pulling on my cowboy boots and roaming the West.

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