Dad and I

One thing i would love to do although it can’t happen is to drive to Montreal and pick up Dad and say
,”Hey Man we are going on a road trip ,get in the car fucker ”
and take him across America driving thousands of miles into the Deep South and down to New Orleans and across the Southwest and show him Indian country and we can be cowboys him and i and eat Navajo tacos from a stand out in the desert and see a sunset over the Grand Canyon and a sunrise over Sedona and Mystic Point ,my special happy place.
Oh god we would talk and laugh and discover places to eat and try foods we never had before and we would find cafes to gather our bearings and talk to people because we are people persons and we both like to share stories.
I would take him to the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde and to Taos to meet Ernesto my indian elder friend and to Sedona to hang out with my shaman friend Maya Starhawk.and we would look for ghost towns as we both love that ..
Dad is 90 now and is sharp as a tack but a trip like this would be too much for him and all i can do is think about this wistfully….

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