Dad in New Orleans

just spoke to Dad who at 91 is just back from his New Orleans trip.He said it was fantastic ! They stayed at the W hotel in the French Quarter and ate at very fine dining places like Emirill’s new place and he had the gumbo and jambalaya and the beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe de Monde and the barbecued shrimp at Mr B’s .

He said ,”i had the time of my life ! Everyone was so friendly !!!”
Aaron told me a story ,he was in a restaurant and there were 3 beautiful black women at a table and he couldn’t take his eyes off of them.He went up their table and exclaimed,
“You are all so beautiful and lovely .Let me tell you something .Guys will always be all over you because of your looks but don’t ever give in to a guy just because of that .You can ruin your life making the wrong decision.Wait and think about it before you jump in because it can affect you all your life.”
They were astonished and said ,
“Nobody ever spoke to us like you are .

That is my Dad…
I mentioned i had taken this sensuous picture of a couple cuddling on the beach the other day and it was my cover picture for a few days and how only a handful of people put a like on it.
Dad said,”What is wrong with your fb friends? Are they all so uptight and prudish that they can’t appreciate something sensual?”
I told him my fb friends are like the Amish..We laughed….
As usual he is right.

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