Dinner with Jonathon


Tonight i made a Thai Asian meal feast for my family here,my brother Greg and his wife Lorraine and Dad.
I must have been channeling Tony .
I admit i took on too much creating 7 dishes at once in a strange kitchen not knowing where anything was.
At home when i cook for myself it is a dance and i cook with love with attention to every detail.
Tonight i was always on the edge while my audience waited and waited hungry and wasted ..There was a moment when i was ready to throw in the towel and say lets do take out but i persevered.
But i did it and they all loved it (unless they are all lying) .
We had a great time and at the end we had pineapple coconut ice cream!

I cooked an Asian Thai feast for my family

A few lessons from cooking the feast last night for my family.
First of all less is more and don’t be so self critical. Laugh at yourself..Let it be and let it flow into the moment. It’s all good.
This was after realizing OH SHIT ! I am cooking 7 dishes at once in a strange kitchen and everyone is waiting and hungry.
At the very end i realized i had forgotten the appetizer of the vietnamese spring rolls ,all made by hand but i pulled it off.lol

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