Don’t Let Age Steal Your Dreams

I know ….They told us different and most of us believed it as we seemed not so agile anymore and maybe some of us got cancer or another disease.
Maybe some of us had our hearts broken .
Maybe some of us lost our savings .
All this has happened to me yet i wake up in the morning and i feel a sense of adventure and i look to the rising sun and i say to the world “Watch me ”
Those of you who follow my blog at or see me on Facebook see all that is possible and my adventures now sometimes dwarf my grandiose ones from my youth. In the past number of years i have ridden mustangs with Indians for days in Canyon de Chelly in Arizona/New Mexico and hiked the Alps and lived in Israel,following and mentoring a blues band for a few months that is now famous in America ,living on a right wing settlement in the so called “West Bank” for a few months in another world,traveling 10 times across America by car ,1thousands of miles at a time,living on an island in Spain and swimming every day in the Mediterranean achieving last summer 4,000 strokes in one shot of an hour and a half,hanging out in Paris and Barcelona,in Portugal exploring 15th c Converso and Cryptic Jewish towns,recently traveling through South East Asia to Myanmar,Thailand,Bali,Malaysia,Singapore,flying to Oman where they don’t accept Israeli stamps in one’s passport and being the only Jew in that Islamic country across from Iran,spending as much time as i can with Dad in Montreal,
reading great books and then making those books a reality,,sharing my heart and my inner thoughts on public media ,always trying to get through to my truth and then finding the proper way to convey it .
I am so aware how short life is and i never ever want to hurt anyone if possible.
I wake up in the Now and with a grateful smile for all i have .I seek out people who i can relax with and share with.I hone my creative writing spirit and it is flowing like a faucet .
I rarely rewrite .It is mostly in the Now.
I wish you all a sense of spirit and a sense of remembering when it all seemed possible…
I am not special .I am just a man who never forgot and refuses to believe that age can steal your dreams.

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  1. Orly Klonsky April 14, 2018 at 2:12 am #

    Wow! You are a prolific writer!! I haven’t read anything you have written, except what is on this page, but I see you have quite a long list here. I will get back to ypu… 🙂

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