Early Morning Barely Awake Thoughts Renewal of Self

Early Morning Barely Awake Thoughts
Renewal of Self

I wake up and i open the computer to see there was just a mass shooting inside a favorite restaurant i have frequented for years in the Greek area of Toronto .
So far 2 are dead and 9 injured including a little girl.
Contrary to what people think gun violence in Toronto is crazy .
Canada is not what it once was and i moved my family down to California over 20 years ago because of this rising trend as one of the reasons anyways.
We moved then to a small artsy town of 7,000 near the ocean and coast in wine country where i still maintain a base when i am not on the road enjoying life in Spain or the Middle East or SE Asia.
I believe in creating and manifesting a kind world .
This is how i work.
I draw a circle around me and no one can come in without love and respect and i give that out also. Kindness is a major theme in my life and an understanding . This is a daily conscious striving and i am far from perfect but i try and i am aware. I don’t drink hardly ,the occasional beer or glass of wine l and i don’t do drugs and i stay away from those who do indulge as well as people who smoke cigarettes which is rather hard to do in Europe. I have no idea why the lack of education about health is so apparent here . Yet people that smoke and damage themselves and others by second hand smoke also talk to me about proper eating and yoga etc… This baffles me. I remember sitting at a cafe poolside watching a yogini set up and three women were sitting next to me smoking and watching. Then they snuffed out their cigarettes and proceeded to do flawless yoga asanas. I was blown away at this disconnect.
I have seen too many wreck their lives and i have no patience. I am more interested in people who are curious and seek to uncover truths in their lives whatever this may be and whatever works for them. My point about smoking is to illustrate a disconnect ….
Right now i have shifted to a more plant based lifestyle and i am becoming more and more aware of the effects of food on me and what it may do or not. This is an interesting and important journey for me as i decided to cook mostly plant based foods. There has been a major shift and a greater peace has come over my body and my thoughts because of this. I have begun a process of intentional eating and surrounded my food choices with a space of awareness …
As we know body and spirit are not separate and our
thoughts may become us as our food choices also.
I love rituals that break up the day and allow a greater texture into my life.And so i sometimes begin with yoga or meditation or a 100 pushups or a sense of gratitude for the day or i throw myself into the Mediterranean and swim a thousand plus strokes or i go hiking 4 miles at sunrise or sunset. This creates a space within.
This world is a terrible place but it is up to me and me alone to create a better world within my world. That is my mission so to speak. If i am not in peace how can i expect anyone else.
As Hillel said,
“if I am not for myself who will be. If i am only for myself what am i ? If not now then when?”

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