Early Morning Musings about Love


Truth Is: We genuinely want to be loved but we are also equally afraid of being abandoned.
We must abandon fear and learn to trust.The hardest thing is opening up and putting ourselves into the heart of another. To be rejected or dismissed is terrible but if we are rejected then the trick is to wink at the universe and tip our hat and say thank you for the experience and warning and move on.
Sometimes it is a matter of perception.Sometimes when you come home and you are alone and you sink into your chair and there is silence you can feel utterly depressed and desolate OR you can feel freedom.
We cannot control everything but we can control our attitude to how we deal with stuff.This is the most important thing i have learned in my healing process these past years.It takes courage and awareness.
We have the choice in our hands of being the victim and the martyr or being the hero in our own unique story.
It gets lonely sometimes being the seeker,the hero,the explorer but sometimes that is necessary.

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