Easter memories

Easter memories
You are saying What ???? Jonathon is Jewish thru and thru.How can he have an Easter memory? Well i do.
It was Easter and it was a bright springlike day.The birds were chirping and the first flowers were beginning to bloom their green tendrils appearing after a long Montreal winter.
Aaron Lipsin ,my father the freethinking and radically progressive decided to cook a ham ! He was adamant .He could not be dissuaded.
My mother was pissed off and ran out of the house screaming …
I was maybe 7 years old. I watched with interest how he buttered the ham with self satisfaction. I will say this man was determined to have his ham. I have to say here although my family was Jewish we were raised as Red Diaper babies but we remained very Jewish until my father decided to cook a ham.
Jews don’t eat ham ..We eat bacon but as my father informed me at a young age that was simply a different food group.
So there he was fussing with his frigging ham.My mother has fled in disgust .The smell of pig is wafting in the air and suddenly there is a ring and a knock at the door. I run to see .It is a rabbi with a black coat and wide brimmed hat and a long grey beard. “Perfect “,i think maliciously, “I will invite him in for some ham ”
I say ,”come rabbi and meet my father”.. I bring the rabbi in the house.To this day i have no idea why he appeared at our house that morning.
My father is just taking his frigging ham out of the oven. He looks at the rabbi who looks at the ham who looks at my father who looks back at the ham and my father says sheepishly,”Do you want some ?” at which the point the rabbi lets out a shriek and a “OY GEVALT !” and flees from the house.
I stand there with an impudent grin on my face feeling self satisfied.
My father says,”You little bastard” ,he was fond of calling me that.”You did that on purpose !”
I went outside and got on my bike to play with some friends.
I think he tossed the ham after taking a bite and said ,
“Feh ! it tastes like ham !”
and peace once again reigned on the Lipsin home.
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