Eating Healthy

The first photo was in Oman in the Arabian desert and i weighed i think 30 pounds more than i should have .
The camel in this photo was not amused …
I was rambling through Oman and SE Asia for a few months and ate my way through all countries in an orgy of gluttony…
That was back in March ….
The next two photos are of me today after i dropped the carbs and lowered my food portions and made wiser decisions and changed how i look at food and my relationship with food.
The most important decision i make every day is what i put in my mouth i like to say…..I am eating clean with a lot of salads and fruits and vegetables and whole grains and next to no bread and pasta…I am also eating slower and building a gratefulness around my food.I am enjoying it all.
I love exercising doing yoga and pushups (100 every morning) swimming in the sea every day for hours and riding my bike back in California around town and hiking 5 miles every day sometimes 10 ….I love cooking using little fats and always healthy options. No farmed fish or shrimp processed by child slave labor in Thailand.My sensibilities cannot justify that. I love salads and vegetarian low cal foods .I simply feel better all around. At the same time i do not deprive myself and if i really want something i will have it . I ain’t no purist and i like to say my karma runs over my dogma everytime …
I am in my power and i owe it to myself to be the best version of myself i can be and i intend to go into my final third as healthy and strong as i can be.


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