Feelings About the South

feelings about the South
September 1, 2011 at 6:42pm
I like the South in a love/ hate way.I am utterly fascinated by the land with it’s rich delta of fields and fields of rows of cotton and other crops.I love the southern accent that bespeaks of a glorious time and their seeming politeness.I love the food and the antebellum mansions and the town square as in Oxford.I love the funky blues joints and how people take pride in their heritage.I love pecan pie.
But there is a darker side underneath all this and that is a bloody history and I can’t fail but hear the snap of the overseers whip on a hapless slave or envision the fields full of slaves who got up at 4 am by a bugle and worked steadily until sundown.Earlier I went to Hobson’s plantation in Clarksdale where I heard it had changed into an inn of sorts where they rent for the night old slave quarters.I was curious but also apprehensive.Staying in a slave shack as a bed and breakfast struck me to be akin to having a latte at Austwitz.Ok maybe not that bad .
I went and met the proprietor a genial guy who had my number as I had his.We both enjoyed life and had no qualms about making the most of things,He gave me some keys and said look around.I said has Charlie Musselwhite been here and he said Charlie is his partner in a club they’re building.Charlie is a Mississippi blues artist and hangs out at my store.Has Tom Waits been here and he said he’s a pal too and I said Tom is a friend also and we had a good time talking about life.When I left I walked to the railroad tracks and picked up a stone and preyed some wood off the track as a souvenir.Later in Oxford as I checked into the hotel,I asked the clerk where she was from and she said Clarksdale and I said I was just at Hobsons plantation and she said that’s where I was born and I asked how long did her people live there and she said at least 150 years.They were slaves I realized.A shiver went through me.Living history.

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