Float and Adjust

Agenda for this morning ?
swimming of course
a metaphor for my life

as needed
when i am in the sea everything is clear
Aqui y ahora
Here and Now
everything comes and goes
nothing is permanent
catch and release
catch and release
breathe into the asanas of life
be kind
do what fills your heart with joy
and makes you smile
remember lust is not passion
passion is from the heart
breathe and bow from the heart

The sea is as
as mother’s milk and
i swim in even strokes
as if my body remembers an ancient rhyme that is
whispered to each child
as they lay sleeping,
about heaven
and natural things like that…..
stories before
concepts of fear and pain entered the world
tales of brave deeds unfurled
and arrows of inspiration unerringly flung ,
when people were kind
and animals were friends
and the air was pure
and children ran barefoot in forests
and the sea
as warm as
mother’s milk..

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