Freaking Tacos

There is a New Kid in Town and i really like it
In Spain there is no Mexican food or at least on the island of Formentera and after a few months of my beach bum lifestyle i get that craving once i get back to California ….
.Freaking Tacos has become my go to taco place and i bike here from Sebastopol some 7 miles from my house and this is my favorite spot.
They serve street tacos ,small ones with generous portions of pollo,al pastor carnitas and birrido (shredded beef) and they have great burritos.
Ask for the red sauce! It’s hot !!!!!
This is a family run business and they are good people . The place is very clean and the food is Muy Rico.
Freaking Tacos is located at W 3’rd and Dutton tucked away in the Dave’s supermarket strip mall.
I give them 5 stars !!!!!!

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