From My Kitchen ..Migas egg Tacos Austin Style

From My Kitchen
These are Migas from Austin Texas . I just made these !!! They are distinguished by the crispy tortilla strips added to the eggs ,an Austin specialty..
If you have ever been to Austin Weird then you must have had them.
I love the ones at Torchies on Congress St .
For these i used homemade tortillas from the hidden out of the way place where two Mexican women cook them as i wait. They beat out the commercial ones .
Then i cut up cilantro,poblano peppers and a jalapeño and onions and avocado and red pepper and lime.
I cut up corn tortillas into strips and fry them until crispy .put that aside and whip up eggs with milk and cheese and black pepper ..after sautéeing the onions and jalapeño and red pepper and cilantro i fold the eggs in and do a one minute on heat and one minute off trick.This makes the eggs creamy .Then i put in the poblano and more cilantro .I add salt at this point and then add tortilla crisps and fold and then avocado and more cilantro and lime .I also aded some salsa to give it more of an edge and then shredded cheese..Delish!

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