From the Huckleberry Years..Wisdom from a Young Man Part 2

The morning found us waking very slowly,gradually experiencing the play of the light shine as it creeped over the cliffs ,soaking up the retreating darkness that was so thick the night before..We heard sparrows an days greet the day vibrantly and we sat listening to the roar of the ocean. The air smelled salt sea ,fresh and clean and a gentle breeze blew playing with our hair teasing it..Where the night just passed was dense and illuminated only by stars moon and varied shades of black and grey now lay the resplendent glow of crystal sand sparkling before us ..soft and smooth to the touch and the golden lion’s mane of the rugged cliffs strongly caressing and silently watching over the earth seemingly protecting her.
No appointments or pressing duties or coercion’s or commitments awaited us as we lazily in our sleeping bags sipping in very quietly our incredible surroundings as one would a fine wine.
This grand old place so timeless where meaning lies between sun and moon ,earth and sky,,where struggles to advance and proceed occur but with a certain gentleness ,a certain ease as Nature lends he guiding hand. Survival here takes on converse roles as in contrast to the City with it’s concrete stab in the back violence .Here the animals are alert ,on their toes but are also laid back absorbing their surroundings with grace and acceptance all the time of course in the Now.
Only us humans don’t know how to live in the Now with our monkey minds and endless chatter.
Society’s customs and yoke falls dull here .There are no eagles to pick ,stare and comment. The rhyme is savage yes but also there is a gentleness found here in Nature..This then is the paradox where the two can be bound together in a duality. As the ocean whose swell and retreat ,a timelessness that lulls ,the water so soft in the hand yet so fierce and unforgiving as it wears down the rock in its path ,taking years to do it but doing it all the same as it’s generous branches flows to the lowest tributaries and to the greatest lakes and this giant can take away life if life is not too careful. I stare at the tide and it almost defies description but yet is all description even as a reflection of ourselves…the Godself i think .We came from this water we are told.
Our bodies are bare and open and we stretch to embrace the sun’s rays ,no inhibitions here instead a sweet naturalness. I feel graceful like a poem as i walk down the beach completely naked. There is no fear or embarrassment here following us like a dog at your heels.A naked body is a song ,a beautiful song whether you subscribe to society dogma on beauty or not. It is a gentle casing for the soul.
When i return from my walk Steve has ready a pot of strong steaming coffee and pieces of cantaloupe .We break our fast slowly .We say little because we are deep in our thoughts absorbing our surroundings.
…….We walk down the beach aways until we come to a deserted driftwood hut complete with roof and even a fireplace in one corner.
“This is where i will set up my camp”,I say excitedly and i run back to get my pack .
“this will be my home for as ever long i decide”
Steve has to be back in Stinson that night and i would be left alone as i wanted with my thoughts and my soul.
I start to unpack and set up a bookshelf in a crevice.I have brought Gibbons Stalking the Wild Blue Scallop,Western Bird Guide by Reed,Exploring Tidal Life (with emphasis on this area) and Rocks and Minerals of the Bay Area by Bowen and Knots ,a rope book and the autobiography of Albert Sweitzer.
For food i had cheese ,two sorts strong nd well aged,a loaf of thick wheat berry bread,,date bars,half a cantaloupe,an apple,coffee,chamomile tea and powdered milk and chocolate mix..There was an abundance of firewood and as for my drinking water there was a waterfall not too far away which also served as a fine shower.

to be continued…

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