Green Door

I am reminded that 999972_721078227914714_1471826132_nin the old hippie days in Vancouver in 1969 and 70 there was a back alley off of Cordova st in Gastown and it was a Chinese restaurant called the Green Door.Had no sign except the door and you walk in through the back.The kitchen was 2 x4 with a sink and a wok and a stove top burner .The front was rumored to be a gambling opium den.Every now and then someone asian would go up to the door and a slat window would open and they would gain admittance.Us hippies would sit at communal tables over marvelous and mysterious bowls of rice and wok created sweet and sour concoctions for maybe 2 dollars.Joints were freely passed from table to table.God help a tourist who stumbled in.We would eat there maybe once a week .It was amazing.

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