Happy Birthday Bernadette “Dettli” Mundy

Today is Bernadette Mundy’s birthday and this is a tribute i have put together to my friend …We have had many adventures together in all parts of the world from California to New Orleans and Mississippi and to Spain and Switzerland and S.E Asia to Thailand and Bali and Burma and Malaysia and Singapore and even Oman in Arabia . She has rambled with me on Route 66 3 times i believe ..She has lived   life most people who never leave their chairs and tv sets would be envious of.

I just want to say Happy Birthday Dettli ..I hope the next year brings you more happiness and good health and i wish you the best.

There is an old Hebrew saying from Rabbi Nachman of Bretslav

“The day you were born was the day G*D decided the world was complete”

5 years ago i was sitting in a cafe in my town in California and i was an administrator of a blues site from India on the internet and i noticed someone posted this song.The person that posted it was another administrator i had seen around the site. I toyed with the idea of telling her i once was Jerry Garcia’s gardener back in Stinson Beach California and Jerry played me this song before it was released and wanted my opinion.
I told him i didn’t care for it. I was trying to be cool. “Listen to it again “,Jerry urged in between huge puffs of marijuana.
So that was the story and i decided not to tell it because who would believe it and her and i talked for a bit and then after 5 minutes i thought i will write it and then copy it for a future story for my website. So i did and we talked further.
Then i noticed she lived in Formentera the Spanish island i lived on in 1973 after working for Garcia . I had been arrested by the Guardia Civil for looking like an American hippie and calling them fucking fascist Nazi pigs. At the time i had no idea that Franco was still alive and Spain was a fascist country..I was thrown in prison and told the next day to leave the country in an hour or face 6 months in jail. Subsequently I was rudely thrown by the Guardia Civil onto a fishing trawler which was directed to take me out into the Mediterranean. I had little doubt the motley crew who spoke no English and i no Spanish would be delighted to throw me over board with no one being the wiser. As it turned out they dropped me off at what seemed like a largely deserted island and from there i walked miles down a dirt road lined by ancient stone walls .
In the distance i saw some lights and came to a village and found a bar/cafe ( where hippies were hanging out.
“What country am i in? I gasped as i looked upon this ragged group of expats and stoned hippies and sordid drug dealers ….
They were barely amused.
A beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a accent at the bar said,”Spain of course”
I asked her where i could stay on the beaches where it was cool and she told me. I then proceeded to order my first paella.That was the legendary hippie hangout Fonda Pepe where ironically i hang out today…
I always told this story of what happened and i always told it with the mental image of the woman at the bar in mind. I was looking at the younger photos of the woman on FB and i stopped suddenly because it was her the woman in the bar from my story.
I told her that i actually knew her and she scoffed and i am sure rolled her eyes sensing a hustle and a come on.
This was the internet after all.
I told her my story and let it be.
As months went on though we continued our conversation and she invited me to the island which was Formentera and we have become great friends.
I have invited her and her family to California and she has come many times.
That is how i met Bernadette Mundy
There is the shot of Bernadette in the Antelope Canyon with the light shining down.Here is the back story to that photo
I love telling this story.This is in Antelope Canyon in Arizona near the Utah border.
This is a picture of my friend Bernadette Mundy from Switzerland and Spain.You can see her great photography at https://www.facebook.com/Photography-by-Bernadette-116851845325099/?fref=ts
there is the light this magical shaft that only comes in at certain times of the day at Antelope Canyon. Tourists come from all over the world to see it.
I whispered to Bernadette
“Go into the light.Go into the light ! ”
I pushed her into the light as the tourists howled
“Get out of the fucking light!! ”
I suddenly forgot my english and could only mutter unintelligibly in Hebrew as i took this picture which i love .
Bernadette in the light !!!!
It wasn’t rude .It was chutzpa and i got the picture didn’t I ?

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