Happy New Year

I hesitate to publish any goals but here are some of my dreams.
In the next year i want to spend a lot of time with my dad who has been my best friend in my life as a buddy and a mentor.Together we have traveled on many adventures in the Old West of Nevada and California ,through France and London and New York .We have hiked ,we have sung,we have rambled,we have partnered and worked together,we have supped and dined at great restaurants in Cannes ,France and London,we have cried together ,we have dreamed together and always we had each other’s back.A greater father i can’t imagine. So i will hang with him throughout his twilight years in Montreal and see what trouble we can continue to get into.
I have a yearning to travel through the south of Spain in Andalusia and see where the Jewish and Moorish Spain lived .I want to hear flamenco in bars and dance and clap and sing with everyone.I want to go back to the island of Formentera and swim in that wonderful sea again.
I want to continue writing and see if this has an end.Sometimes i hope it doesn’t but one day i will complete whatever i want to say.
I almost don’t care if anyone reads it or not.My ego is not wrapped up in this.I love the process is all.
I wish to travel and explore in my beloved Southwest and spend time in the Indian lands from Sedona to New Mexico .I hope to travel also to the Deep South through Blues territory.
I love my sense of freedom and journeying and i aim to have many adventures as always.

I wish you all great dreams and the will to pursue them in a spirit of joy and wonder….

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