Having a Cortado with Michelle in Formentera

This is my friend Michelle on Formentera.
Every morning i would walk down to the sea and dive in and swim for an hour and make my way over to the cafe meters away and Michelle would be waiting reading a book.
We would sit and talk non stop and i would read her my latest poem or writing and she was lovely. I touched her perfect body with my mind…
Michelle is a Brit who has lived in Rome for 27 years and runs an art gallery .
She has been with her boyfriend the Italian Andreas for all that time and they are a great couple .
He is very funny .
I meet him one morning and i say “:Where is Michelle ?”and he replies matter of factly ,”Michelle has her routine.She gets up,makes a coffee,reads a book ,sleeps again then she comes down to the cafe and spends the morning with YOU. ”
I look warily to see if he is jealous and about to fly into a rage but he is smiling broadly. lol..
Anyways i miss my mornings with Michelle.

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