Helping Out the Enemy ..One Person at a time

I know I am bad.
Here i am on the bus heading to Old Montreal and there is a father and daughter and they are distraught about something and are talking in frantic Arabic.
I say” Do you need help?”
Yes they do .
They have taken the wrong bus and are lost.
I say “Where are you from?”.
“Jordan .”
I say “Hi i am your enemy .
I am from Israel..”
(Jewish humor which the world needs more of )
“Let me help you “and i get the bus driver to help them and direct them back where they started from which is an hour ride but they are looking for a specific store to buy a sim card so i get a passenger to google the store and i tell them they can go to that store downtown and i tell them to hang out and take in the souk(Market at Atwater) and basically i save their asses and by the way they are very grateful and keep shaking my hand and saying “Shukran “which is thank you in Arabic and i say” Ain davar,kol be seder shalom “,which is “no bother everythings cool ,peace “in Hebrew and we part as friends and they have had a positive encounter with the enemy.
It is one person at a time in my philosophy..

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