How I can Afford to Adventure Less is More

How I can Afford to Adventure
Less is More @ jonathon lipsin

This is how i always did it and have been able to travel so much .
I rationalize in my Virgo way what is really important. 
The fact that i rarely drink works in this regard.
I don’t have a gym membership because i hike,ride a bike,do yoga etc for free on my own.
I rarely shop at Whole Foods because everything is overpriced and instead have been aware of prices so i save mucho dinero buying at places that are just as good. It helps to have photographic memory so i memorize a lot of food prices and manage to save a lot knowing what is a deal.
I stopped buying meat and fish to cook in the house and my weekly food bills are much less of course.
This is just a personal preference these days ,
I don’t buy things like cookies or chips or crap ever.
Besides i love cooking and i am at the point where my own cooking is better than a lot of the restaurants.
I stopped drinking coffee at cafe s because i make it now at home an edit is mostly better .I fill up a thermos for the day .I have saved around 75 dollars the past 4 months .that is 300 dollars that i put in my kitty for travel.
I turned off my tv because i wanted to read more books and i do and that has saved 70 dollars a month also .I will turn it back on down the road but in the meantime i will have saved 500 dollars by the time i decide to turn it on.
When i am traveling overseas i phone my insurance co and tell them to lower my car insurance because it will just be sitting and they write me a check.
Water is turned off saving me additional bills.
Everything i have saved leads me to a very reduced ticket for travel.
I don’t need to do this but i enjoy doing this because i like my minimalistic lifestyle after examining what do i really need to make me happy.
Most of what makes me happy is free like hiking and cycling and yoga and meditation and reading and listening to music and cooking wonderful meals and writing and sunsets at the coast and walking down beaches and if i want anything outside of that i certainly go for it.
But i have found less is more.

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