Hummingbird Cafe

Happy Birthday Jeremy !!!!

At my favorite New Orleans Cafe called the Hummingbird in Fairfax a little hippie town in Marin County with my son Jeremy Lipsin..This was a birthday lunch for Jeremy who really enjoyed the food…All this from the kid i taught to use a spoon.
Mikey likes it !!
(i had to explain that was from a tv commercial)
Years ago when i discovered Michelle i ate a fine meal and then found out it was cash only and i had a paltry 5 dollars in my wallet
.Michelle in that famous Big Easy way just scoffed and said ,”Pay me next time .” Of course being who i am i drove back the next day to pay her and we became fast friends from that time on

Her beignets are pillows covered with fairy dust and only made this side of heaven.
The last time i was in was last year when i had a surgery scheduled the next day and i was scared ..
She knew about it and when i went up to pay she waved me aside and said ,”It’s on the house !”

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