Hummus In my Kitchen Tonight

I n my kitchen tonight a quick dinner of Israeli hummus with chickpeas,tahini,shatta which is an Arab hot pepper sauce which is excellent,olive oil,garlic cloves,cumin,red pepper,salted chopped parsley and paprika with Lebanese pita.I also use the leftover chickpea water called aquafaba ..
.i don’t measure but do it intuitively.
The pita i usually get is from a fourth generation Israeli San Francisco baker at a place called Taboon , the recipes come from Yanni’s great grandfather, Mosheh, who immigrated from Iraq to Israel and owned a bakery in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market. i lived around the corner from the market back then some 35 years ago and would always buy my pita from Moshe …His great grandson makes it just like Grandpa ..
For my tahini and shattah sauce i go to a falafel place near me where i buy a ;large 36 0z bottle of the sesame paste which is less expensive than Whole Foods at 11,99 compared to 15 dollars and this is the only place i can get shattah..By a strong coincidence the first falafel i ever had was in 1973 in Jerusalem just after the Yom Kippur War and the falafel owner’s grandfather owned the falafel stand there.His name was Uncle Mustache and we became friendly ….
I can’t make any of this up.

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