I Feel Blessed

I feel blessed because i get to do what i love . I get to travel and adventure and explore with friends and decide to go anywhere i want and do it on a daily basis able to change my mind whenever i like . I usually have a plan the night before after studying a map and doing some googling.
I have absolute freedom and often feel like an explorer of old. I can go big miles in a day or a short distance. The power is mine depending on a multitude of factors not the least being whim and fancy.
I also get to show my friend Bernadette a world of wonders and she is very appreciative and a great traveling buddy.
We are careful about the expenses and don’t need fancy. Friends along the way have been very kind and giving and i thank Marc and Rochelle and Ann . They are also fellow wanderers and know the magic of the road as we do.
We are all members of a league i guess ,a private club of imagination and wanderlust.
We are the rebels .We are the pioneers who have never been quelled.I believe we are the blessed.

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