I love exploring

I love exploring .There is so much to do and see. I have been saying this since i was 10. At 9,10 i decided to have “adventures” so i gathered up my courage and started walking out of my neighborhood in Montreal which was Cote St Luc a predominately Jewish area. The one non Jewish kid was Bobby Falls and he lived next door and he was the meanest kid in the whole wide world and my earliest perception of non Jews was Bobby Falls. Anyways i am digressing. So i made up a little bag of an apple and candy and a pocket knife and put that in a small WW2 knapsack i found in the garage from my father’s service and away i went. I didn’t tell anyone . I just walked out the door and each week i went further and further into the non Jewish areas. I walked into stores ,investigated streets ,made observations. I may have had a notebook and pencil. I wouldn’t be surprised. I would walk most of the day and i always had a nickel or dime to call my parents who would pick me up totally dumbfounded by how far i walked. I started to get to know my world and Bobby Falls didn’t seem so bad.

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