If we get caught i am deaf and you don’t speak english

This is what i have done all my life with friends.
I used to live in Stinson Beach the Grateful Dead town along the coast over in Marin County not far from me and i left and came back 8 months later driving my first car.
I come into town and who do i see but Steve my old roomie when we lived above the Stinson Beach bookstore .I pull over in my car and say” Hey jump in we are going on a road trip !”and so he did without hesitation and we road tripped south to Santa Barbara tasting Mexican food on the way.
Our premise was the best Mexican food was to be had where it was homemade and cooked by the owner an cheap and so we tested our theory and ate so much and the best place was Nana”s a greasy spoon Mexican cantina in Salinas and the food was soon good .
A few days later i drove Steve back to town to presumably continue his life..
This is what i am talking about!
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