I’m Walking Here !!!!!!! Back in NYC !!

I have been walking around Times Square after getting into NYC a couple of hours ago and the memories start flooding in and i really wish my parents were here to enjoy this amazing city like we used to but it is too late because the get up and go has gone up and left but i will say we all have done it well .I was in a baby stroller at the age of two being wheeled around these streets and every year since then we would take over my great aunt’s house in the Bronx by Pellham Pkwy and sleep on cots and mattresses for the summer while we explored Manhattan.Broadway shows were a must and the Village both East and West were our stomping grounds from Cafe Feenjon on Bleeker to Cafe Reggio to Strand Bookstore to Ratners for Jewish cooking to Katz’s for the pastrami.At 17 i lived in NY and was part of the Yippies with Abbie Hoffman and lived in the collective known as Underground Press Syndicate on E 17th.We were revolutionaries and the city was our turf.
Year later i was offered a job by two “Wise Guys ” in the record biz.They wanted a young hot shot like me to head a record importing business and would stake me an apartment in the Village and bankroll the operation.I took the offer seriously and they demanded a 5 year commitment.To cross them meant they would have broken my legs.I spent two weeks in the City imagining myself 5 years from now.It was an attractive offer and it meant i would be a Manhattanite and all that entailed.I ended up turning down Bernie and Joe and decided to do what i always wanted and i flew to Israel and joined the Israeli army.Standing here at 46th and Broadway i can only imagine what my life would be like if i took their offer.
I see the Lion King is playing and i remember surprising my then family and took everyone the next morning to NY and upon landing i had tickets for the Lion King and it was sensational.Jeremy was 8 then and i had preordered 8 Broadway shows for him to go to every day while we were there.I think this defined him and gave him the fire in the belly that made him into the fine actor he is at 22. The last time i was here was when we went to Obama’s inauguration and after we all came to NY to celebrate so that was a while ago and i have much exploring to do.Wait no i was here 6 years ago i just remembered and it was my birthday and i walked into Mario Battali’s place Boba at lunchtime to tell them i was going to eat there tonight because it was my birthday and i was of course the world famous Jonathon D Lipsin and i know i don’t have a reservation that is usually a month in advance but jeez Mario it’s me .He bought it and we got in and it was super !!!!
So yes the memories are coming in fast and mighty and of course the first thing i did was get a slice of NY pizza !!!!!!!

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