Island Life

The Mediterranean is a beautiful water and i love to kick back and swim in the salty sea with the blue sky over me..I feel like in a painting that goes on and on and the sun ,salt and sea feels so healing…
The food i am eating also reflects this lifestyle.
whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, herbs, spices, nuts and healthy fats such as olive oil. Fish and seafood maybe a couple of times a week or maybe not ..I have finished the Appenzeller cheese that Bernadette brought and i may not eat anymore. The eggs here are much better than the pastured ones i get from California and i enjoy them in the morning.,. Salads are ubiquitous and I am enjoying eating “live” food …..
Meat i am avoiding both chicken and red meat …I make smoothies of fruits and greens and i drink water and occasionally wine..
This is basically a Mediterranean diet and what i usually follow at home.
This island is sensual .Everything declares it..the colors and the light..the soft hues and the undulating waves lapping on the shore…the air breathes freedom and the rules are what you make of it and declare for yourself.
Beautiful bodies glisten in the sun and no where is there lewdness …an appreciation perhaps for what is beautiful and natural…
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