It is Dylan’s 77th Birthday Today .

I have actually been in Dylan’s presence three times in my life.
The first time i was 16,17 and was living in New York City and was part of the radical Yippies then .My friend was A.J.Weberman the infamous Dylanologist and he was the ultimate Dylan stalker and would analyze and write about Bob for Rolling Stone magazine. On this day actually in 1971 A.J.called me up and invited me to go to Dylan’s home in the West Village then and present Dylan with a birthday cake . Dylan hated A.J. and i hung loosely back across the street actually and Dylan came out of his home and started beating the shit out of A.J.who was fond of going through Dylan’s garbage and analyzing it .
I ran away ..
The second time was when a man walked into my record store in Toronto and this parka hood obscured his face and he was stooned or drunk or both and my mother was in the store and asked me to throw him out actually several times.
The parka opened revealing a very out of it Bob Dylan so i knew what i had to do so i threw my mother out of the store(something she held against me for years ) and i led Mr Zimmerman in the separate classical room where we had a rather weird tete a tete .
Mohammed had come to the mountain you see.
The third time i saw Bob was at Woodstock in 93 and i was the Toronto Sun journalist for the fest and i had backstage passes to everything and Bob came up behind me to take the stage .
That’s it !
I have known many people that have known Dylan for decades .
One of them is Rambling Jack Elliot who lives nearby me in Marin County and i have heard Jack many times talk about Bob and then there was Dave Van Ronk who i hung out with as his distributor in Canada. Dave gave Dylan a couch to sleep on in the early days and then there is my friend Harvey Brooks in Jerusalem who was Dylan’s bassist on Highway 61 i believe and Dylan has visited Harvey a couple of times in Jerusalem because he has children who live there and there is also Happy Traum i hung out with in the late 70’s who was Dylan’s guitar player on Nashville Skyline i believe.
So close ….

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