It’s Time We Stopped Messing with that Kid ! “

4 years ago i left Sebastopol ready for adventure.The divorce was very raw then and i felt battered and heart broken but i was determined that this was not the way it was to end and that the world held magic and promise.
I left town with no plan but with a trust in the universe that it would lead me to wondrous places and she did .
I drove to Sedona and the Southwest where i met up with my shaman guide Maya and i rode some with an Apache in the desert.I stopped in Winslow Arizona to pay my respects to the Jackson Browne song and to sing it on the street corner. I hiked in Oak Creek Canyon and went up to Mystic Point and climbed Devil’s Bridge for the second time.
…I then rode a mustang for 2 days with Terrel my Navajo guide in Canyon de Chelly for 2 days and that was remarkable and one of the greatest things i have never done .
This happened all around now as it just came up in my memories
As it worked out this was the just the beginning of the adventures because i drove from Santa Fe to Toronto and stayed there for a few weeks and then flew to Switzerland to the tiny Swiss town of Appenzell to meet someone who has become a great friend ever since.
I then flew to Israel for my birthday ,back to Switzerland for a bit and then back to Toronto and then i drove 4,000 miles across the country back to Sebastopol.

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways!

I made a huge step in shaking off my blues on that journey.
The gods had smiled on me
They said to themselves ,
“It’s time we stopped messing with that kid!”

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