And you thought we owned Hollywood and the book business and the entertainment business and the tech world and the banks..Naw it’s all about the coffee !!!!!!
I read about food and history one of my many passions and as well about Jews and food and history.I have just discovered from my readings that Jews were instrumental in the spreading of coffee throughout Western Europe.Jews of the Levant were fond of coffee and nowhere more so than in Egypt where it was known as The Jews drink.There is the first literary reference to an early coffee house in England in 1650,one Jacob who had a cafe in the parish of St Peter in the East end .Another cafe was Cirques Jobson owned by a Jew from Mount Lebanon in Oxford.In the 17th c Jews opened cafes in Paris.In our century Jews transferred the Vienese Coffee houses to New York and London.

Life is too short for cheap coffee so i bought this one today after a sample …Peets started as a local Berkeley coffee place eons ago … I used to go there after a meal at Chez Panisse which i think was around the corner.
In 1966, Peet opened the first “Peet’s Coffee, Tea & Spices” in Berkeley, California on Vine Street near the University of California, Berkeley campus. It originally sold coffee beans, not cups of coffee. His coffee beans were hand-roasted in small batches. The company grew to four locations and became known as “Peet’s Coffee and Tea.”] Peet wanted to bring better coffee to the American market and became known as “the godfather of gourmet coffee in the U.S.” The original location at Vine and Walnut remains open.
I am looking forward to a cup tomorrow.

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