Leonard Cohen Will be Buried

montreal-48956 mount_royal_montreal_1 mount-royal-park-49224 img_3696 mount_royal__montreal__qc__by_garnet_moon-d592keu dsc_0536 mount-royal-montreal-walking-paths on the mountain in Montreal ,Mount Royal where us Montrealers all know well ,where we skate in the winter on Beaver Lake and where we would toboggan as kids and drink hot chocolate at the chalet and where we walked with lovers holding hands and making love in the bushes and where we go to seek solace among the maple trees . It is a fit place ,actually perfect . I have family buried there . He will be in the Shar Ha Shamayim synagogue plot his family’s synagogue going back to his great grandparents .
When i go to Montreal shortly i think i will bring stones from California for Leonard’s grave as well s my mother’s .

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